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The most streamlined, easy-to-learn-from Quranic Arabic course you’ll ever take (inshaAllah)!

Quran Coach is...

An online course that teaches you how to understand the Quran in its original language. No frills. No bells, no whistles. Just Quran - 100%

We’re different because...

We ditch the theory-heavy, overly-technical, jargon-filled old methods in favor of a lightweight, intuitive, and practical approach crafted especially for native English speakers.

Online courses can be hard to commit to, but...

It’s not just a big information dump that we leave you to navigate on your own. In addition to the instructional videos, there are drills, video answer keys, online quizzes and tests, a progress tracker, and other interactive features.

Wondering if it actually works?

Check out some ayaat that our students are translating by the end of the course!

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Hear from the students of the 2-week Arabic Intensive conducted by Qalam Institute. During this course, they covered the first 2 modules of Quran Coach’s No-Nonsense Arabic curriculum. Here’s what they had to say!

Trusted and used by...

Anyone who can read the Quran can complete this course! You don’t need to know tajweed nor do you need to know how to write in Arabic. As of now, our course doesn’t cover the Arabic alphabet. If you want recommendations on where you can learn to read, feel free to contact us.

Our students typically take ~80 hours to complete the entire course. That’s how much time there is in just two work weeks! This time quote includes time spent learning the content, doing exercises, and going over the exercises.

We highly recommend getting the books. The course was designed to work together with the books. The books will help you maximize the benefit you get from the course by providing exercises and reference materials. Drilling and reviewing are a very important part of the learning process. 

For as long as you’re subscribed, you’ll have access to our Quranic Arabic course as well as access to all future courses for free.

We plan to expand our course offerings in two directions. InshaAllah, for those who want to learn to understand the Quran, but don’t yet know how to read, we’ll be adding a Learn to Read Arabic course.

And for those who have completed our Arabic course and can translate Quran in the written form, we will be adding a Quran Listening course that will train you to translate real-time with auditory-only input.

Get in touch with us at info@qurancoach.org or through the contact form. InshaAllah we’ll work with you to figure something out!

As of now, we only ship our books within the U.S., but we’re working on making the books available to international students in the near future, inshaAllah.

I still have questions.

Put me in touch with a Quran Coach representative.

Email us: info@qurancoach.org

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Access the accompanying Quranic Arabic video library and get a discount on the books
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Access our Quranic Arabic video library
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  • Access the No-Nonsense Arabic instructional videos
  • Access the No-Nonsense Arabic video answer keys
  • Free access to all future Quran Coach courses
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