No-Nonsense Arabic Complete Book Set

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The complete book set includes the textbook, exercise book, and vocabulary book. The title of the book set – No-Nonsense Arabic: A Practical to-the-point Program for Understanding the Arabic of the Quran –  reflects the philosophy of the curriculum. Focused, practical, and easy.



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25 reviews for No-Nonsense Arabic Complete Book Set

  1. Rahma

    I went through the entire curriculum, and it really made the language of Quranic Arabic stick for me. I’ve tried to learn arabic many different times, but this program has worked the best because it doesn’t use arabic to explain arabic – all terminologies are in easy and plain-to-understand English, so you are really learning to understand Arabic grammar in an straightforward way. Highly recommend this set for people that are new to understanding arabic!

  2. Yusef

    My name is Yusef, I went through the curriculum with a moderately strong reading background in Arabic and a beginners comprehension of the language. The curriculum was very beneficial in building a strong Arabic foundation for me. It was easy to read, well-organized, and creative. After going through the curriculum, you will be able to understand a lot more of Quran when reading. But to get to full fluency, you will definitely need to put in a lot of extra time. There’s no shortcuts to that. I only wish that there could be more lessons for some of the more advanced grammar rules of the language!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Alhamdulillah I’ve just started, but these books have already proven invaluable.

  4. Aatiya

    I have done other Arabic Courses in the past and I feel like these books broke down everything in more digestible and understandable terms.

    I loved how the book is not bogged down with all of the Arabic terms so I can focus on understanding the concepts first. I also love how there is a glossary of Arabic terms at the end of each chapter so that whenever I am ready to become more advanced in the language, I can always go back to these as a reference.

    I also appreciate how each chapter is organized and how the book preempts questions that naturally arise. The summary of each lesson is very helpful when reviewing. It’s also great that they have hints of the most important things to remember in each chapter. Overall, this book gave me a lot of confidence with Arabic grammar and helped me get a very strong grasp on it.

    I totally recommend the entire set of books to anyone who is thinking about learning Arabic. The workbook and the vocabulary book go hand-in-hand with the textbook and are seamlessly integrated. The exercise book reinforces the grammar and the vocab learned in each chapter. This book is great for beginners and for anyone who wants to really solidify their Arabic.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Assalmwalkum! I’m super excited to use these books, so far everything is so well done. The exercise for each chapter are extremely helpful with honing the lesson from the textbook! MashAllah May Allah swt reward the authors abundantly! Ameen

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely Loved the course

  7. Zainab Babalola (verified owner)

    The service is very good as they are fair enough not to exploit buyers and the book is also very educative and explanatory.

  8. Abdul R. (verified owner)

    this book is really good for the beginners..Its easy to understand

  9. Rafid Ahmed

    This book made learning Quranic Arabic sooooo easy!!! Alhamdulillah it just dives right in without any complications. This book is perfect for beginning the journey to understanding Arabic

  10. Aquil

    Alhamdulilah absolutely amazing

  11. Zara (verified owner)

    Easy to follow along, love this curriculum so far MashaAllah

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Lovely book mashaAllah!!! Thank you for your hard work in making it! May Allah reward you.

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Alhamudlilah, excellent overall. May Allah accept from the developers, students and teachers.

  14. Cynthia Okumu (verified owner)

    May Allah hugely bless the two sisters in both worlds for such an amazing work done 🤍🤍🤍the books is simple straight to the point and makes learning Arabic incredibly addictive because of how the books are simplified

    JazakumuAllahu khairan

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I just started using them but they are great so far! It’s easy to follow along and understand the main concepts.

  16. Safia Andleeb (verified owner)

    Good book for English readers and Arabic beginners

  17. Uzma (verified owner)

    Very simple to the point! Really no nonsense for English speaking students. If only I had access to the app, it would have made it 24/7 accessible…ease in memorizing vocabulary.

  18. Ayesha (verified owner)

    JAK for this amazing work you have done to make it much easier to learn Arabic

  19. Alaa Khatib (verified owner)

    very easy to work thru

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have tried learning Arabic with two curriculums before this, and I have to say that as an American student who’s first language is English, this seems to be the most beneficial curriculum (for me) I think it’s important to understand concepts in English for me… I appreciate this approach & am excited for my classes 🙂

  21. Fatimah A. (verified owner)

    Great resource for learning Arabic for the first time. JAK. Easy to follow and start with building a great foundation alh

  22. Basim M. (verified owner)

    Great books. no bias whatsoever

  23. Muhammad Hussain (verified owner)

    I really appreciate the efforts done by the authors in making Quranic Arabic so easy to understand !

    I studied with my 10 yr old daughter and she was also able to understand the concepts well !

    Very effective method !

    Well done, Authors !

    May Allah SWT accept your work and grant you the best reward in both the worlds !

  24. Rabia N. (verified owner)

    It’s detailed and easy to understand

  25. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Superb set of books to learn Qur’anic Arabic in a non-intimidating curriculum, all presented in high-quality PDF e-books. Originally had the paper copies through my Qalam Arabic course but wanted to review on my own. Would absolutely recommend!

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