No-Nonsense Arabic Textbook

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The No-Nonsense Arabic Textbook is the grammar book that doesn’t read like a grammar book! It covers all major grammatical structures that occur in the Quran in clear and simple terms. Rather than taking the traditional technical approach, the book appeals to logic and common sense. It’s not “watered down” Arabic – just a simpler way to get to the same goal.

The textbook works in perfect cohesion with the online course. It covers all the same concepts in the same order and makes for a good reference and study tool.



Physical Copy, Downloadable PDF

2 reviews for No-Nonsense Arabic Textbook

  1. schemirmir

    If you have always wished you could understand what you are reading when you open the Quran, but felt too intimidated to learn Classical Arabic this is the program for you. This is perfect for the English-speaker as it teaches with YOUR language in mind. It is so hard to believe that such fun, well-written books can break down very complex Language concepts in a way that anyone can understand. Start your journey to experiencing this beautiful miraculous holy book in it’s original language. The books and videos live up to their name.

  2. Sarah T. (verified owner)

    I am really enjoying the book.

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